My name is Daniel Santoro. I am a tattooer, painter, and collector of various things. I live and work in New York City. For tattoo appointments please contact :



Smith Street Tattoo  at (718) 643-0463 


For requests too strange to contact a place of business: email or meet me on the street.

7 Responses to “Contact”

  1. yo homie. i just put up a blog. peep it.
    hope all is good. miss ya mother fucka!


  2. Jakob Says:


  3. this is amazing. i enjoy your blog very much

  4. jeremy swed Says:

    lets party i have one of these blog things its find me so i can add your blog on my page

  5. Dave H Says:

    Would love to buy a poster….but how?

  6. i finally set up my account and i have no idea what im doing… i will talk to you soon


  7. Frank Andersen Says:

    hallo daniel
    i will just say thank for the nice tattoo you gave me on happy easter this year..
    I am extremely pleased with your work greetings frank from Norway

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